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Wonder Forge Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Game.


Includes 40 cupcake pieces to mix and match!
Play competitively or cooperatively.
Mix and match recipes to make extra unique cupcakes!
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frozen, elsa, anna, moana, cinderella, ariel, dessert, party
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Enchanting ingredients
With ingredients like Braided Honey Frosting, Candy Glass Slipper, Gummy Apple, and Sugar Shell Topper, the cupcake combinations are endless!

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Wonder Forge Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Game

Create delightful mini-cupcakes in time for the party!
Creative, social play at its best!
Standard play-dates are transformed into exciting parties filled with laughter and conversation, as players practice teamwork and cooperation to build as many cupcakes as they can before the time runs out. In this game, each cupcake is uniquely designed to match one of the Disney Princesses, but there are lots of opportunities to get creative! Use the interchangeable cupcake pieces to make your own original cupcake creation- there are dozens of dazzling cupcake combinations.