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WolVol Dinosaur Storage Carrier


  • Dinosaur Shaped Carrier with Wheels so you can Ride it
  • Great storage holder for mini dinosaur toys, Hot Wheels cars, Matchbox cars, etc.
  • Various sliding areas on the big dinosaur, so you can play and slide your cars within this dinosaur
  • It has a handle on the top so kids can carry the dinosaur truck with cars and dinosaurs inside
  • Perfect dinosaur car toy for boys and girls who love dinosaurs or cars
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WolVol Perfect Dinosaur Storage Carrier for Your Dinosaurs and Cars (Includes Mini Dinosaurs and car Toys)

The WolVol Dinosaur Carrier Storage Truck is a fun add-on to any child’s dinosaur car collection. Perfect idea where to put your Hot wheels or Matchbox cars or your little dinosaurs. Carry them all in one big truck dinosaur. A great gift idea for girls and boys ages 3 and up.