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Pangda Catching Fish Nets for Kids


Hours of funny outdoor activities: these colored nets are good for catching small fish and others; Let your boys and girls enjoy their time
Package: contains 4 pieces fishing nets in 4 colors including green, blue, orange and yellow; Bright colors will attract small fish

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Pangda Catching Fish Nets for Kids
Pangda 4 Pieces Telescopic Catching Fish Nets for Kids, Multi-functional Fishing Net for Catching Butterfly Outdoor Activities, 7.9 x Telescoping catching nets: short or long, as you like; You can adjust the length of the catching net into desired one by retracting its metal pole
Dimension: each catching fish net measures approx. 7.9 x 14.5 inches when being retracted, and up to 33.4 inches at maximum extension; And the net is 7.9 inches in diameter, 9 inches in depth
Anti-slip grip: the anti-slip coating surface of the handle cover allows you to grip the handle easily; And the small size of the handle is especially suitable for your children

Easy to grip:
With anti-slip coating surface and proper design, the handle of these catching fish nets in small size are easy to hold, providing a comfortable feeling to grip for your children; These nets help your children explore the scientific world, encourage to widen their horizon by getting fun with these long-handle extendable catching nets.

Wide application:
These telescopic catching nets are good for catching small fish and others; Their bright colors of these nets will attract small fish; You can see your children to catch and release the captured fish with their telescopic nets, let them back to nature.

Enjoy moments of bliss:
These colorful extendable nets can be applied as a telescopic fishing net, a bug net set for kids; They are nice accessories for many outdoor activities, suitable for backyard playtime or for kids’ fishing fun.

Size: approx. 7.9 x 14.5 inches when being retracted, 7.9 x 33.4 inches at maximum extension
Color: green, blue, orange and yellow (1 piece each color)
Quantity: 4 pieces

Package contents:
4 x Catching nets (4 colors)