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NPK Collection Reborn Baby Sleep doll


  • 22″ from head to toe, with GentleTouch vinyl head and limbs and weighted (2.6LB) body for a real baby feel.The doll with Magnet pacifier.
  • Soft silicone for head,3/4 Vinyl Arms and 3/4 Vinyl Leg, body is cloth filled with cotton.Very soft but could not be washing in water.
  • High Quality Mohair,It is rooted by hand,lifelike as real baby hair. Beautiful hand set eyes, hand painted details and hand applied eyelashes.
  • The will come cloths(clothes design may vary from pictures),but you can wear the baby new clothes you like.wear newborn size 0-3m baby clothes.
  • 1 piece baby clothes(100% cotton) / Disposable Diaper /Baby Bottle Biberon/ Magnet Pacifier / 1 Baby Plush toy / Birth Certificate
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NPK Collection Reborn Baby Sleep doll

NPK Collection Reborn Baby Doll realistic baby dolls 22 inch Vinyl Silicone Babies Doll Newborn real baby doll Sleep doll

Lifelike baby doll, Soft tactility as a real baby hair mohair.
Head,arms and legs are soft silicone,body is cloth filled with cotton.
Delicate wisps of hand-applied hair, and perfect little hand-painted fingers and toes.
Baby doll comes clothes, You can wear the baby new clothes you like.Fits into newborn size(S 0-3m) baby clothes.
Children’s best childhood playmates, new family members, can be used for holiday gifts, Christmas gifts
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