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My First Lab Microscope


My First Lab Mini-Duo Scope – Entry level STEM Microscope with Accessory Kit, and Dual LED Illumination

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My First Lab Microscope

The Mini Duo-Scope comes with a proprietary lens coating that greatly improves clarity, a feature normally reserved only for expensive, professional-grade microscopes. This coating also prevents the lens from developing mold, retaining lens condition and helping to keep your kid clean.

Additionally, this microscope features the dual-view lighting system originally pioneered by our Duo-Scope. The system allows youngsters to view flat specimens on a glass slide (lit from below) as well as three-dimensional items (lit from above). The low-temperature LED lights are safe, long-lasting, and durable.

All of the microscopes in the My First Lab line use laboratory-quality glass, or specially-coated plastic optics, giving clarity comparable to professional-grade microscopes.

The My First Lab line also incorporates many of the features and functions of more complex microscopes, such as multiple magnifications, LED illumination, and durable construction. Many of our scopes also have unique features not found elsewhere, such as the dual-view system.