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Lightseekers Starter Pack, Tyrax


  • The tyrax hero is a poseable 7″ “smart action figure.” Insert the FusionCore to instantly bring your hero into the Lightseekers video game. Lights, sounds, speech, and vibrations respond to and help guild your gameplay. Your Starter Pack also unlocks new video game content. The FusionCore is compatible with all Lightseekers heroes.
  • Attach the Nitro Hammer weapon to your hero and it instantly appears in game! This 1-handed crushing weapon delivers explosive damage through the Nitro Slam special ability. Add lightstones and defeat enemies to level-up your weapon. The Nitro Hammer stores your in-game power and progress so you can pick up your adventure right where you left off.
  • Includes exclusive hero and weapon cards and three powerful combo cards. These cards can be used offline in the Official Lightseekers Trading Card Game. When scanned with the free Lightseekers Video Game, each card delivers augmented reality effects, rewards, and in-game abilities
  • Scan and share the unique Tribute Card with your friends to increase its power!
  • No console is required. Internet connection, Bluetooth 4.0, and 1GB device memory required for full experience. Works on most devices with Apple iOS7 or higher, Android 4.3+, and Amazon FireOS 4+. Check the latest list of supported devices at lightseekers.com/devicecheck.
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Welcome to Tantos! A fantastical world full of magic and mystery. After centuries of peace, the balance of power is now being threatened by the return of the evil umbron, whose presence foreshadows even greater danger! Wielding an arsenal of Explosive, Mechanical and Time abilities, the tyrax use their wits, gadgets and gizmos to overcome any challenge! Starter Pack includes mari Smart Action Figure, Aquadart Crab Weapon, FusionCore minicomputer, 5 Augmented Reality Trading Cards, Unique Tribute Card, and mini USB charger.