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Kuroba Klash Arena


  • Bring your master Kuroba Keeper skills to the battling stage in the Kuroba Klash Arena. Select Rock, Paper, or Scissors for your strategy and fold up your Kuroba to get ready to slide them into the arena to face off with other Kurobas.
  • Includes two launch platforms, spectator seating for Kuroba creature cubes, and display area for extra panels.
  • Comes with Kuroba stickers for customization!
  • Battle other your friends to become the ultimate Kuroba Keeper!
  • May the best Kuroba Keeper win!
  • Kuroba creatures sold separately
  • Description


Kuroba Klash Arena

The Kuroba Klash Arena is the perfect battle stage to bring your Kuroba to show you Kuroba Keeper skills! Once you choose your battle strategy, slide your Kuroba creatures down the launch ramps and watch as one captures the other! Remember, Paper will always defeat Rock, but not Scissors! Battle your friends in the Kuroba Klash Arena and see who is the stronger Kuroba Keeper! Kuroba, related characters, and licensed article TM and copyright 2018 Sutikki LLC. Manufactured under license from BOTI Global Ltd. All Rights Reserved.