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KD Interactive Aura Drone with Glove Controller

$99.99 $74.99

  • Flying a drone just got easier and more amazing than ever! With Aura, you are the controller, you have the power
  • Suit up with the GestureBotics glove controller to fully control your drone using hand commands, superhero style!
  • Glove control eliminates the frustrations of traditional joysticks and multi-axis controls, allowing anyone to fly the first try!
  • Fly forward and backward, left and right, change altitude and even perform tricks like a sideways flip, all with a simple wave of the hand!
  • Automatic features like Auto Takeoff, Auto Hover and Auto Landing offer ultimate control for the perfect first flight right out of the box
  • Built-in height and distance limiters keep the drone under your power, and make Aura perfectly suited for indoor use
  • Multiple Aura drones can be flown at once, for fun group play or even racing!
  • Safety frame protects the drone from bumps and drops, and people from propellers
  • Description


Eliminate the frustration of traditional joystick controllers and start the fun right out of the box with an easier, more amazing way to fly! The Aura drone is a telekinetic, gesture-controlled toy drone. Wearing a special GestureBotics glove controller, kids pilot the drone by simply moving their hands—just like a super hero! Kids can fly Aura up and down, forward and backward, left and right, and even perform cool tricks like a sideways flip—all with just the wave of a hand! Auto Takeoff and Auto Landing features get kids airborne faster and ensure a safe landing. Aura includes a safety frame for added protection, offering fun and safe indoor play.

GestureBotics is a patented technology powered by LocoRobo Innovations. Previously only used in military applications, this innovative gesture technology introduces a whole new way to fly toy drones—the easiest, most amazing way ever!

Drone Specs:

  • 5-7 minutes flight time
  • 6-23 feet recommended indoor range (longer range is possible)
  • 7 to 8.5 feet approx. maximum relative height
  • 6-axis Gyro Stabilization
  • Designed for indoor flight