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Just Like Home – Chef’s Microwave In Blue



Just Like Home pretend play kitchens, grocery and restaurant toy play sets give your kids everything they need to become the next great celebrity or reality show super chef! Great for boys or girls, Just Like Home realistic looking and sounding play kitchen and restaurant toy cookware sets that have the look and feel of what the pros use at the great values. Kids can shop and cook along with mom and dad to prepare pretend play meals, create their very own bistro and perform the all important clean-up!

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Just Like Home – Chef’s Microwave In Blue

No time to cook dinner tonight? No problem! Tiny chefs can whip up an imaginary meal in moments with this Just Like Home Microwave. The door has a clear window and really opens. Kids can simply place food inside, select the appropriate button on the side and push ‘Start’; the microwave lights up and the food inside spins slowly, perfectly recreating the real thing.

The Just Like Home Microwave – Blue features:

  • Includes a toy microwave, baked potato and plate
  • Designed in blue and orange
  • Door has a clear window and really opens
  • Buttons on the side each display a picture of a different food item, including popcorn, pizza and hot chocolate; each will set the timer for a different length of time
  • Select a setting and then press ‘Start’ to make the interior light up and the food inside spin around slowly
  • Microwave beeps when the food is done
  • Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds