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iPlay, iLearn Kids Bowling Play Set, Foam Ball Toy


  • This toy was tested by CPSC accepted third party laboratories. All passed.
  • This bowling set is made of high grade foam material. Safe for kids playing alone. Best birthday gift for 2 Years Old and Up.
  • 10 bowling pins (7″) and 2 bowling balls (3″). Lightweight bowling ball toy set comes with ten foam pins and two foam bowling balls. Very easy for little hands to play with.
  • Specific foam design is safe for children when playing. 12 total soft foam pieces, plus portable zippered carrying case. Great for toddlers and preschoolers.
  • Suitable to play indoors or outdoors. Helps children develop spacial awareness, hand-eye coordination, balance and gross motor skills.
  • If your child has asked about going bowling, but you’re worried about slippery lanes and heavy balls, this is the perfect game for you. Your child can go bowling with a foam ball and pins, so all of the risk of a regular trip to the bowling alley is gone!
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iPlay, iLearn Kids Bowling Play Set, Foam Ball Toy Gifts, Educational, Early Development, Sport, Indoor Toys, 10 Pins and 2 Balls for Ages 2, 3, 4, 5 Years…
Color:Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Orange, Green, White, Navy Blue

Product Description

Foam Bowling Ball Set

Excellent educational toy to encourage active physical play and number recognition. Great gift idea for babies, infants, boys, girls, preschool kids, toddlers, children, preschoolers. Unisex toy.

This foam Bowling Set is especially helpful for eye/hand co-ordination, fine finger and gross motor skills, and will encourage children to learn numbers and master color recognition.

Children will gain self-esteem as they learn to knock over the pins, and they can engage in team play that will improve their communication skills, their social skills and life skills.

10 Colorful Number Pins

A vibrant, bright, colorful design with numbers to assist color recognition and learn numbers.

There’s fun for everyone with this adorable children’s bowling set! The 10 brightly colored numbered pins are safe, soft but strong and easy to grasp and lift for small hands.

The lightweight balls have contrasting colors and finger indents just like a real bowling ball to make gripping easier.

Soft PU Materials

All the products are constructed of environmental protection PU material that is flexible, safe, and durable.

Children will not hurt themselves, or others, with this user-friendly bowling set that is perfect for indoor or outdoor play. Children can play by themselves or with friends. Toddlers and preschoolers will love the challenges and fun this toy provides.

Spatial Cognition

This preschool friendly bowling set has soft plastic components that are easy to lift, easy to manoeuver, and so much fun to knock down.

You can teach your kids to place the bowling sets up in a traditional bowling alley pattern, or encourage them to use their imaginations and create their own designs.

This set is highly durable for indoor or outdoor use including playing on the grass, in the living rooms, at preschool, kindergarten or early childhood classes.

Material Details

This popular bowling game toy is made of solid PU material. It is soft to touch, light to lift and unlikely to be damaged even with tough play.

Very suitable for children for group play.

Fun to Share

Set this bowling set up indoors or outside, young children will have a blast finding new ways to knock them down, and they will love the bright colors and textures, and your little ones will be so excited getting a ‘strike’ just like real bowling.

A durable carrying case is included to teach your children to care for their toys, pack them up and put them away, or to carry them easily to take them to visit grandparents, kindergarten, preschool, school, or playgroup.