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Glitter Girls by Battat – All Asparkle Acres Riding Stable Set


  • Hours of fun: this exciting riding stable is designed perfectly for your 14-inch dolls and their dazzling 14-inch horses! your doll will love playing with this colorful and trendy 14″ equestrian Playset that comes with 20 different accessories, including pretend food and grooming supplies so you can keep your horses safe and happy when your dolls are not riding them.
  • Easy to store: the all asparkle Acres horse barn can fit two 14-inch horses. It has two front gates that fold out into a pen for the horses, with attached fences that can be opened and closed. A removable barrier can be inserted to divide the stable into two stalls, and the side doors make it easy to take your horse for a ride! a row of hooks inside the horse stable allow you to conveniently store your smaller accessories, and after the day of play is done you can fold up the gates to keep everything safely in
  • Includes: this 20-piece accessory set for 14-inch dolls includes (1) stable for a 14-inch horse, (1) English saddle, (1) bridle with reins, (1) feeding bucket, (1) scoop, (1) horse Scraper, (1) hoof pick, (2) Apple halves, (1) rope tether, (1) non-functional lantern, (1) riding Crop, (1) grooming tote, (1) carrot, (1) Curry brush, (1) spray bottle, (1) bottle, (1) grooming mitt, (1) fuzzy mitt, and (1) stringy mitt. Glitter girls fifer doll, celestial and shimmers horses each sold separately.
  • Compatibility: compatible with most 14″ dolls including wellie wishers and hearts for hearts age range: recommended dolls for kids age 3 years old and up, and very popular with girls age 6 to 10 years old!
  • Collect them all: glitter girls accessories provide hours of pretend play and fun. Your little girl will love them! paired with our 14-inch dolls, 14-inch horses, and other fun accessories, they make a great gift! collect, mix and match the pieces with other sets for even more fun!
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Glitter Girls by Battat – All Asparkle Acres Riding Stable Set
Glitter Girls by Battat – All Asparkle Acres Riding Stable Set – Accessory set for 14-inch horses – 14 inch Doll Accessories and Clothes for Girls Age 3 and…
Style:Stable Set

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Product description

Style:Stable Set

Product description glitter girls horses bring equestrian fun to your glitter girls collection! exciting accessories like the all sparkle acres let you create a world of glittery, sparkly fun! glitter girls are a unique brand of collectible 14-inch dolls with a variety of hair, skin, and eye color, who encourage children to be themselves, be positive, and have fun. With bright ideas and a little imagination, glitter girls dolls enable your kids to &stand out and be bright!&; and to &add dazzle to every day!&; every doll comes with a sparkly hair bow and signature glittery shoes. The 14-inch (36.8cm) doll is great for little girls who love fashion and, of course, glitter! the themes of friendship and caring promote exploration of healthy emotions and relationships, and provide children with the benefits of imaginative play. Glitter girls are sized smaller than popular American girl 18-inch dolls and can travel easily for added convenience. Their solid plastic-body construction makes them durable, easy to clean and care for, and long-lasting. Traditional toys – balancing screen time toys play an important role in every child’s life, and it is important to offer your children a variety of toys in order to help them develop healthy, curious minds. Traditional toys such as dolls and other non-electronic toys allow children to take a break from their time in front of screens while developing their imaginations and learning to interact with other children and the world around them in healthy and beneficial ways. Like many parents and educators, we believe in the importance of interrupted screen time for young children and we are proud to offer a line of toys for children that encourage these types of positive development for children in modern families. A trustworthy company battat is a family-owned Company established in 1897 that has grown bigger and stronger ever since. Today, we provide smiles and giggles in more than 62 countries. Battat is definitely here to stay! Childhood is a time to be bold and curious, and at Battat we aim to be there every step of the way. We offer a unique range of engaging toys for preschoolers, toddlers, and babies, all the way up to kids a little older. At Battat, we strive to think outside the toy box. We’ve partnered up with the we charity to give back, building villages and schools to empower children around the world. We are also eco-conscious and always try to minimize the impact of our products on the Planet. This is what makes us stand out in this fast-paced industry.