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Glimmies Glimtern Playset


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Glimmies Glimtern Playset

Light-up your world with Glimmies! The Glimtern is a beautiful lantern-shaped house that makes the perfect home for your cute little light up star creatures. Place your Glimmie in her Glimtern and she will magically light up! Included is an exclusive Aurea Glimmie to add to your Glimmies collection. Hang the Glimtern in your bedroom like a fairy light or carry around your Glimtern wherever you go! This playset is compatible with all Glimmies dolls.

Glimmies are the cute little star creatures that light up in the dark! Glimmies hide their light during the day, but when the lights go out, these magical friends will shine bright in the dark! Kids can even cup them in their hands to see their Glimmie light up! Sent by the moon to keep peace and harmony in nature, Glimmies are magical friends with their own personalities. Collect all the Glimmies friends! Ages 3 and up.