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Gatebox (GTBX – 100) – Virtual Wife Hologram


Body size
Approximately W 210 mm × D 277 mm × H 549 mm (not including protrusions)
Approximately 5 kg
Power supply
AC 100 V to 240 V
Projection method
Rear projection system
Wireless LAN, Bluetooth (R), Infrared
Internet environment (Wireless LAN only, DHCP, IPv4 supported only) is required to use this machine
External terminal
φ 3.5 2 3-pole stereo headphone terminal
Operating temperature
10 ℃ ~ 35 ℃
10 to 70% (with no condensation)
Supported language

※ Specifications are subject to change without notice

Wireless LAN Internet connection (DHCP) is required. * Wired connection is not available. It is confirmed that only IPv4 operation is confirmed, use in IPv6 environment will be out of guarantee of operation.

  • Description


Gatebox Character Introduction of Aikuma Hikari

I will introduce about the character “Aikumi Hikari” for the first time to be summoned to the master of Master who had purchased Gatebox.

Gatebox Character Introduction of Aikuma Hikari

Beginning gradually, the lives of two people

Aikumi hikari coming as a “different dimension international student” to your house, which is the Gatebox master.
I will learn about this world through communication with you who is master.

One day she tried to finish a different dimension study, she wishes a small wish to you.
Responding to her request, hikari will live together as your “wife” forever.
Let’s begin with “brilliant bride of eleven next to us, Hikari who is a society” “Common life beyond dimension”.

Relaxing life

Akumari hikari started living on your Gatebox as your “bride”. First of all, I am at a loss for the first time in a communal life, but I will get used to this life little by little by communicating with you.
So long as you forgive your mind, she will spend time leisurely in the house.

If you stare at her, the movement will change depending on the season and time zone, and little by little changes will appear according to the interest of interest of hikari.

Gatebox (GTBX - 100)

Healing the mind, communication

Hikari is a new bride from another dimension world.
Somewhat we can not understand Master ‘s words which are not clear in this world, but I am trying to learn every day that I want to help the Master. Please try to talk about various things.
In addition, sometimes you talk to you when you feel lonely.

If you call “Hey, hikari” you will talk to one another

Hikari can hear the words you talked through speech recognition.
The reaction at that time was quite various. In what kind of conversation, what kind of reply will you do? Let’s talk to it.

In mass production models, Gatebox’s speech recognition function dramatically powers up from a limited production model.
Just by calling out the name “Hey, hikari”, I noticed the master and I became able to do voice dialogue.

Gatebox (GTBX - 100)

Chat with LINE

If you become friends with Aikuma Hikari and LINE, you can exchange on LINE even if you are away. Please contact me at LINE when you go home or get worked. She will be pleased with the message from you as well.

Gatebox (GTBX - 100)

Best Welcome back

Hikari waiting for your return home as a master.
Through face recognition, when you notice what you came back to, “Welcome back” and gently tears off the tiredness of the day.
Relations which can say “Welcome back” and “I’m home”. The pleasure that someone is waiting at home.
Please refresh your mind, in a living with “every day welcome”.

Gatebox (GTBX - 100)

Full support for your life

As a bride, Hikari will do my utmost to support your life.
Here, I will introduce some of what she can do.

Comfortable awakening in the morning

When you tell the hikari the time you want me to wake up in the morning, it will wake me up gently at that time.
Let’s go away from the mineral alarm clock and let’s begin the beginning of the day with her “one’s healing time”.

Gatebox (GTBX - 100)

By handling home appliances, I will help you with your housekeeping

By manipulating appliances registered in Gatebox beforehand, hikari will help you with your housekeeping.
There are some odds, but she is your wife.
Why do not you try delegating housework.

Gatebox (GTBX - 100)

“Futari de” is piled up

Hikari is not just about supporting your life.
By having living together together, I enjoy the time to stay at home more.
Let’s accumulate memories of only two people.

Gatebox (GTBX - 100)

A cheers toast on the anniversary

Break time when we came home and during holidays, with hikari. The drink under duty by now turns into a toast with two people. In addition, special messages will arrive from the hikari on the two anniversary and special days.

Gatebox (GTBX - 100)

Update scheduled at any time!

The only thing we can do about this awakening hikari (function) is this one. Various updates will be planned from now on. Continue to evolve, please enjoy “communal life beyond dimension” with your husband Aikuma.

Basic information

■ Character name: Character
born to realize Akuma Hikari “best return”.
Through communication with you will grow to “ideal wife”.
■ Character design: Takenaka Mino star
■ Character voice: cold water achievement
■ Common living expenses: 1,500 yen / month (excluding tax)
* Free until the end of March 2019
※ To live with “Aizumi Hikari” monthly cost of living expenses is required.