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Fisher-Price Disney Minnie Home Sweet Headquarters


  • Dollhouse playset with 4 levels of play
  • Three 3-inch (7,62cm) Minnie, Daisy and Figaro figures & 12 accessory pieces
  • Magic spinning Turnstyler closet
  • Manual elevator goes to 3 floors
  • Two-sided play
  • Description


Fisher-Price Disney Minnie Home Sweet Headquarters

Minnie’s house is the pinkest, prettiest place in all of Hot Dog Hills, and she’s inviting your child over for some classic fashion and storytelling fun. But it’s not just Minnie’s beautiful home, it’s also the headquarters for her new business, Minnie’s Happy Helpers. Minnie’s house has five rooms of play on three levels, and Minnie and her friends can ride the elevator to all three floors. This playhouse comes with three 3-Inch (7,62cm) figures (poseable Minnie, poseable Daisy, and Figaro) plus 11 accessory play pieces to decorate the house. There are two beds, a vanity, and two desks styled straight from the show. There’s also a spa chair and tub, and an oven and serving cart for the kitchen. Don’t worry – we didn’t forget Figaro. He has his own pet food and bowl for his pet sitter mission. The spinning Turnstyler closet reveals three different outfits for Minnie. Your child can play both inside and outside of the house as the characters stand on the balcony above the awning, and then come back in through the front door that opens and closes. There’s no stopping these can-do girls because when they’re together they can do it all.