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Elite sportz equipment Outdoor Games


Elite Birthday Party Kids Outdoor Games – 3 Fun Family Games in 1 – the Potato Sack Race, the 3 Legged Relay Race and the Egg and Spoon Race, Store’s away in its own Compact Bag, Fun Game For Families

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Elite sportz equipment Outdoor Games

BRING YOUR KIDS PARTY TO LIFE WITH 3 CLASSIC BIRTHDAY PARTY GAMES, there’s nothing more important for you, on your child’s birthday, to know that they had the most amazing day surrounded by smiling friends. these are 3 of the all-time favorite party games that we all played as kids, and if you can remember that far back, were loved by all
3 HIGH QUALITY MADE BIRTHDAY GAMES IN 1 COMBO PACK, includes 4 jumping burlap sacks, 4 egg and spoon race game sets, 2 three legged relay race bands and 1 zip-up carry bag
VERY DURABLE AND ZIP-UP DUFFLE BAG FOR SAFE STORAGE, you’ll never need to worry again about losing any pieces of the fun kids games because they’ll be neatly packed away for your next kids party

THESE SACK RACE BAGS WILL BE THE HIGHLIGHT OF YOUR KIDS PARTY, with the potato sack race bags for kids, you’re going to be parent of the year for putting on a birthday party with no unhappy kids in sight. for all ages, for all family members, memories will be made, all while they all have a blast of a time