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Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Roadster Racers Garage


The Roadster Racers Garage is the ultimate, all-in-one service station for getting your roadster ready for some ultimate racing action!

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Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Roadster Racers Garage

Bring your car over to the diagnostics station for some quick fixes with the tool cart and gas pump. Mickey Mouse can go along for the ride on the 360-degree spinning lift or take a break at the café. Your child can bring the vehicle up to Level 2 and press the lever forward to make Mickey’s vehicle magically extend into racer mode! Now it’s time to head up to Level 3 to make some major modifications. Plug in the supercharged engine, exhaust pipes, and spoiler to turn Mickey’s Ramblin’ Rover into the ultimate racing machine, his Hot Doggin’ Hot Rod! But how’s he going to get down? Press the lever and a ramp magically appears on the side of the garage so Mickey can zoom down and get ready to race! Includes a 3-inch (7,62cm) poseable Mickey figure with a special mechanic’s hat along with exhaust pipes, engine, and a spoiler to build Mickey’s Hot Rod. Also comes with tool cart, gas pump, table, and chair.

  • 3-level garage playset
  • 360-degree spinning lift
  • Secret fold-out ramp
  • Vehicle transforms into race car
  • Snap-on exhaust pipes, engine, and spoiler
  • 3-inch (7,62cm) poseable Disney Mickey Mouse figure