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Children Play House Toys Simulation Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning Tool Kit


  • Under normal circumstances it takes 10-15 working days to reach the United States
  • Product material:Environmentally friendly plastic and electronic components
  • Product features:Simulate the real cleaning tool,vacuum cleaner can suck trash.Other tools can really can be used to clean
  • Rich accessories,including vacuum cleaner,brush,mop and so on
  • Suitable for children more than 3 years old to play,vacuum cleaner need to install 3 AA batteries.
  • Description


Children Play House Toys Simulation Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning Tool Kit

Product description

Play house toys-As the child for independent walking ability and language skills of the preliminary master,the child’s ability to think also gradually cultivate,children always like to imitate adults,through the study of mock objects,gradually formed its own sense of judgment and personality;Kids love to play the role of adults,and through the kitchen toys,furniture models and cars models and other plush house toys to set their own Sims,play house toys can foster the children’s independence and social skills,accelerate the establishment of children’s emotional intelligence.
Sponge and brush:Sponge can be used to clean the windows and glass stains,Brush hair is very thick,can brush more stuff;These things can be used as a cleaning tool,very practical.