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Ben 10 Shockrock Basic Figure


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Ben 10 Shockrock Basic Figure Something is up with the Omnitrix! The mysterious sparks of energy erupting from Ben’s trusty watch take his alien transformations to the next level! When Ben transforms, the extra energy effects each of the aliens in his lineup in a cool and unique way, giving Ben an Omni-Enhanced upgrade of powers and abilities! Ranging in height from 4″ to 5″ tall, each figure in the assortment is highly detailed and articulated. Most figures also comes equipped with themed accessories for added play! This pack includes Shock Rock. Rock strong on the outside and crackling alien energy on the inside, Shock Rock has a more than just strength up his sleeve. Mighty enough to punch through solid stone, his energy core can also be projected out in the form of weapons, shields, and almost anything else Bens 10-year-old imagination can dream up! Ben 10 Shockrock Basic Figure.