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Ben 10 Power Up Heatblast Deluxe Figure

$11.49 $9.99

  • Press button repeatedly for full alien power up!  Hold down button for instant alien blast!
  • Power Up lights and sound effects with signature Heatblast phrases!
  • Each figure is 6″ in height and fully articulated!
  • Description


Ben 10 Power Up Heatblast Deluxe Figure “Power Up” Figures are interactive figures that allow you to give your alien a surging burst of energy! The more you interact by pressing the button, the more they power up! Or hold down for an instant alien blast! Each character includes unique light up effects and signature alien phrases from the animated series. Ben 10 Power Up Heatblast Deluxe Figure. The master of all things scorchio!  Heatblast can generate intense heat and fire and uses flaming punches to defeat his enemies.  Heatblast’s favorite attack is throwing balls of fire from his hands to light up the bad guys!