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Barbie Care Clinic Vehicle


Barbie Care Clinic
20+ Themed Pieces Inspire Role-Play Fun
More than 20 pieces let young imaginations be the doctor. Check a patient’s chart and vitals, then diagnose and treat. Some of the pieces have handles a doll can hold, others (like the casts) can be worn by a doll and a few have a working element: the doctor’s bag opens and closes and the exam bed adjusts from flat to seated.

​With Barbie, Anything Is Possible
​Try on different career hats with Barbie doll. The career dolls and playsets spark young imaginations with professional looks, themed accessories and so many possibilities. Collect all of the Barbie career toys to explore more than one profession because when a girl plays with Barbie, she imagines everything she can become.

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Barbie doll comes to the rescue with her care clinic vehicle — just press the button to sound the siren! lift the lever at the back of the colorful vehicle to instantly transform it into a care clinic
Barbie doll can greet her patients at the check-in stand that flips up in the center of the clinic
On the left, a yellow couch can be pulled down to reveal a waiting room with a fish tank
Pull down the fish tank to reveal a gift shop, where you can pick get-well gifts like a teddy bear or heart-shaped balloon! on the right, an exam room is fully equipped for medical emergencies and check-ups
The pink patient bed can be adjusted for comfort and also doubles as storage

Barbie Care Clinic
​Drive Playtime Fun with the 2-in-1 Barbie Care Clinic
With the ability to transform from vehicle to playset, surprise features and more than 20 pieces, the Barbie Care Clinic engages young imaginations in all-day play! It does double duty as both an emergency vehicle, with rolling wheels and working lights and sounds, and as a hospital playset more than 2 feet long.

Respond to calls AND deliver the care with the Barbie care clinic
Roll the ambulance to the rescue and activate the working lights and siren with a button!
Lift the lever at the back of the vehicle to instantly transform the ambulance
Aspiring doctors can role-play diagnosing and treating patients with themed pieces
Barbie Care Clinic
Rolling Ambulance Features Lights, Sounds & Instant Transformation
​The Barbie ambulance is ready to roll as soon as the call comes in. Push the button to activate the siren lights and sounds, then roll the vehicle to the patient destination. Once there, lift the lever in back to reveal the care clinic. Both sides open to create a three-room hospital setting more than 2 feet long.

​Three-Room Clinic Delights with Surprise Features
​Check in patients at the pop-up reception desk with a swivel chair and direct them to the waiting room. There’s a couch attached to the wall and decals with a TV and fish tank — but patients don’t have to watch anything; flip down the TV to reveal a gift shop. Set up and sell popular get-well gifts or pick up a magazine. In the exam room, check patients’ eyes with the vision chart; then slide the lever to reveal their x-ray.