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Baby Go Bye Bye -Blonde By Baby Alive


Watch Baby Go Bye Bye as she crawls
Reacts to rattle, tickles, and speech with sounds and movements
Drinks from bottle and wets diaper
Comes with on-the-go carrier
Includes doll, outfit, carrier, bottle, diaper, rattle, brush, and instructions
Powered by 4x 1.5 AA Alkaline Batteries (demo batteries included)

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Baby Go Bye Bye -Blonde By Baby Alive

Baby Alive turns real mommy moments into a magical world of play. More than adorable dolls, they’re babies that talk, eat, drink, wet, and laugh. ..like real babies! Girls get to be like mommy, experiencing first-hand what it’s like to be a parent who is excited, delighted, and surprised by the many ways they can nurture and play. Using accessories based on each baby’s theme, they can feed her a bottle, change her diaper when she wets, get her ready for activities, and more. With Baby Alive, kids can experience nurturing play. ..and love like a mommy does!