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Airless Nightball Football By Tangle


Tangle Sportz Matrix Airless Nightball Football
Football glows when it flies through the air
Encourages interaction, outdoor activity
Easy to catch, easy to throw
Lights up in a myriad of neon lights

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Airless Night ball Football By Tangle

Lighting up the sky in a myriad of neon green and blue lights, this football streaks through space, leaving a vibrant impression.

The better the spiral, the brighter the glow. Patented Matrix design delivers spirals almost every time.

Easy to catch, easy to throw, kids have no problem expending energy. When it’s sitting still, the ball is a tangle of rubberized green body with gray tips. Just wait till it’s airborne…

The sun goes down and the fun comes up. Tangle Airless Night ball Football brings light and excitement into each and every throw.