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  • $27.18

    Disney Pixar Cars 3 Slot Car Race Track


    Carrera First Disney/Pixar Cars 3 – Slot Car Race Track – Includes 2 cars: Lightning McQueen and Dinoco Cruz – Battery-Powered Beginner Racing Set for Kids Ages 3 Years and Up

  • -25%

    Ultimate Lightning McQueen by Sphero

    • Lifelike – Ultimate Lightning McQueen’s moves, animations, and personality are true to the DisneyPixar’s “Cars” character
    • Drive & Drift – Connect to the app to drive and drift Lightning-style with authentic movement
    • The Big Race – Guide Lightning to victory as you race against opponents from DisneyPixar’s “Cars 3”
    • Reactive Touch – Lightning will physically respond to a tap on his roof, hood, sides, and near his rear window
    • Packed with Tech – As in 6 motors, LCD eyes, ambient light sensors, a custom speaker, and more