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    Blue Boomerang Power Wheels 12-Volt Ride-On Vehicle by Fisher-Price


    The Power Wheels Boomerang vehicle is a young racer’s dream, allowing kids to tilt and spin into awesome, fully controlled drifts. This rad ride-on powers over different terrains and races at a max speed of 5 mph in the forward direction. For added security, it features an adjustable seat, high sides, and Power-Lock brakes.

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    Fisher-Price Disney Mickey Mouse Mouska Train Playset


    Mouska-Train Express comes with a set of track pieces that you assemble into an oval track layout. You will also get a battery powered train engine with Mickey at the helm and a cargo car. The set also includes a cargo tower, a tunnel, 2 stop-tracks, a crossing gate, 2 spinning signs, and 2 cargo packages with a pop-up surprise one with Pluto, and the other with Chip ‘n Dale.

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    Fisher-Price Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle Dragon


    Imagination and creativity fly on the wings of this dragon. Make-believe and fantasy allow children the opportunity to be silly, the bad-guy or good-guy, the powerful scary beast, or the beloved pet. And making the dragon fly will increase dexterity and hand and arm strength. Using these Action Tech toys, a child can control all the action, experience self-expression, and practice conflict resolution through pretend play. Will the dragon make it past the castle gates? Who will tame the dragon? It’s a new adventure every time kids play.

  • $29.99

    Fisher-Price Imaginext Shark Bite Pirate Ship


    Kids are At the Helm of All the Adventure!
    Imaginext Power Pads put the action in kids’ hands. Push down on the center Power Pad to open the shark’s mouth and capture the enemy. Turn a second Power Pad to aim the cannon and push a button to fire on attackers! Turn the third Power Pad left to reveal the hidden treasure – and turn it right to fire projectiles! What to do with the prisoners? Kids can throw ‘em in the brig, make ‘em walk the plank, or hang ‘em from the yardarm! There are lots of places on the ship to continue the pirate play.

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    Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends MINIS, 20 Pack


    Product description


    Product Description

    Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends engines just got a MINIS makeover! With over 80 engines to collect, Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends MINIS from Fisher-Price completely reimagine the Island of Sodor with never-before-seen themes! From “Spooky” monsters and colorful “Animals”, to hard-at-work “Construction” and intergalactic “Space” engines, MINIS pint-sized engines showcase Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends in a whole new way! Of course, no collection is complete without your favorite characters in their classic styles, which is why Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends MINIS also include lots of classic engines, too! This 20-Pack featuring a variety of MINIS styles is the perfect way to discover the world of Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends MINIS. Your child can collect ’em, race ’em, trade ’em, and use their imaginations to create really unique adventures for these Really Useful engines! Please Note: The trains are MINI, so are small, and should just be used on Thomas MINI playsets and tracks specifically for the MINI line.


    Collect Them All – Take collecting to the max with MINIS! With many to collect, Thomas & Friends MINIS include never-before-seen train themes such as “Spooky” monsters, super-themed “Heroes” and prehistoric “Dino” engines. Kids can collect ‘em, race ‘em, trade ‘em, and more!

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    Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Super Station


    Works with Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Adventures, TrackMaster, MINIS and Wooden Railway engines (additional engines sold separately)
    Comes with Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends TrackMaster, Thomas, and his friends Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Adventures, Percy, Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends MINIS James, plastic Harold
    Multiple configurations of layouts to fit into any space
    Remove legs for Micro layouts to fit small spaces
    Holds over 100 engines

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    Purple Boomerang By Power Wheels


    Kid-controlled power drift mode
    Vehicle tilts while turning for exciting driving action
    All-wheel drive with dynamic traction control powers over hard surfaces, grass, and rough terrain
    Power-Lock Brakes
    Drives 5 mph max in forward, max 2.5 mph in reverse