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    WeCool Bobble Bitz Creation Station

    • MAKE YOUR OWN CREATIONS: Unleash a world of creativity with Bobble Bitz. You can make jewelry pieces, window clings, and more with the Creation Station. It comes with everything you need to make all kinds of useful crafts that you and your friends can wear. Shape window clings as gifts for your family. Make friendship bracelets for you and your BFF all in one kit!
    • SEE IT, HEAR IT, FEEL IT: Other molding or slime compounds are one consistent texture throughout and do not feature any cool sensory details. Bobble Bitz is a whole new spin on the senses it feels like nothing you’ve ever touched before. Squeeze it and squish it, you can even hear the little snapping and popping as the bitz collide with one another in your hand.
    • STICKS EASILY TOGETHER: Other gooey or sticky toys can often stick to hands, fabrics, and surfaces, but Bobble Bitz really only sticks to itself. Even if you separate it out bit by bit, just touch them back together and they stick! Roll it in your hands and squeeze it between your fingers, but as soon as you remove it, no residue! It’s an amazing, virtually mess free molding toy option.
    • TWO IN ONE FUN: Bobble Bitz, WeCool Toys Crunchy molding compound, can be used as a crunchy slime but also doubles as a craft! Just shape it to one of the many molds included in our sets, or make your own free form creations and let them dry overnight. For continuous use, just leave it in the air tight container to keep it as a crunchy slime.
    • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Package contains (1) Compound Kings Bobble Bitz Creation Station – Crunchy Slime Molding Compound from the Makers of Compound Kings Squishy Like Slime. Includes 6 pods of Bobble Bitz in pink, teal, yellow, purple, blue, and orange, 4 cling molds, 2 bracelet molds, 8 charm molds, 8 suction cups, 8 charm clips, bobble roller, hold making tool, bobble shaper, and drying mat. Recommended for children ages 5 years and older.