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  • $16.99

    Animal Planet – Foam T-Rex


    He stands a magnificent 12.5″ high, towering over the lesser creatures of his prehistoric realm.

  • $15.69

    Animal Planet Dino Adventure Playset


    The Animal Planet Dino Adventure Playset features:

    • Set of 14 friendly faced dinosaurs
    • 1 Volcanic play structure
    • Soft, chunky and colourful
    • Perfect for small hands
    • Sturdy plastic construction
    • Clear zipper bag for easy clean up and storage
    • Ages 3 and up
  • $10.47

    Build A Bot: Dinosaur Set

    • Click learn customize
    • Use the food trigger to activate and then play
    • Build and rebuild your pet
  • $18.66

    Fisher-Price Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle Dragon


    Imagination and creativity fly on the wings of this dragon. Make-believe and fantasy allow children the opportunity to be silly, the bad-guy or good-guy, the powerful scary beast, or the beloved pet. And making the dragon fly will increase dexterity and hand and arm strength. Using these Action Tech toys, a child can control all the action, experience self-expression, and practice conflict resolution through pretend play. Will the dragon make it past the castle gates? Who will tame the dragon? It’s a new adventure every time kids play.

  • $87.99

    Fisher-Price Imaginext Jurassic World, T-Rex Dinosaur

    • Kids control the Jurassic Rex with the handle on her back!
    • Push the dinosaur forward & she lunges with arms out & mouth open!
    • CHOMP! Press the trigger to close her mouth around her prey
    • Turn the Power Pad to launch the vehicle & send Owen racing into action!
    • Turn the Power Pad on the dinosaur’s head to see her eyes light-up green and dilated, or red and un-dilated with a glowing-red mouth!
    • Includes Jurassic Rex, holding base, projectile launcher, 2 projectiles, vehicle& Owen figure
  • -40%

    Hasbro FurReal Friends, Munchin’ Rex

    • When kids wave at him or feed him his treats, baby dino responds with 35+ sound-and-motion combinations
    • He hops and begs with excitement for treats – he might chomp on them, or try to spit them out
    • He loves his bottle, but his broccoli or caveman cookie can be “yummy” or “yucky”
    • Cool dino-habitat sounds – maybe this is what a prehistoric jungle sounded like
    • Includes pet, bottle, broccoli treat, caveman-cookie treat, and instructions. Ages 4 and up. 4 x 1.5v AA alkaline batteries required. Demo batteries included.
  • $22.76

    Sun Cling Green Walking Tyrannosaurus Rex


    Sun Cling Electronic Toys Green Walking Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur
    Spinosaurus Walking Dinosaur makes awesome dinosaur noises ! Requiring 3 AA batteries(not included), kids will be enthused to receive this as a gift for any occasion

  • $10.96

    Windy City Novelties LED Dinosaur


    Spino the Walking and Roaring Dinosaur

    LED Light Up and Walking Realistic Dinosaur with Sound

  • $17.46

    WolVol Dinosaur Storage Carrier

    • Dinosaur Shaped Carrier with Wheels so you can Ride it
    • Great storage holder for mini dinosaur toys, Hot Wheels cars, Matchbox cars, etc.
    • Various sliding areas on the big dinosaur, so you can play and slide your cars within this dinosaur
    • It has a handle on the top so kids can carry the dinosaur truck with cars and dinosaurs inside
    • Perfect dinosaur car toy for boys and girls who love dinosaurs or cars