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  • $79.99

    LEGO Technic Extreme Adventure Building Kit

    • Features 4 high-grip tracks with working suspension, upswing doors with lowering running board function, lockable tailgate, working winch, front steering, opening hood, V8 engine with moving pistons
    • A uniquely decorated LEGO Technic 40th Anniversary brick is included with this model
    • 2-in-1 model: rebuilds into a Mobile Base Vehicle
    • Extreme Adventure (with roof raised and doors open) measures over 11in (30cm) high, 17in (44cm) long and 9in (25cm) wide, and 10in (26cm) high and 9in (24cm) wide with roof lowered and doors closed
    • Mobile Base Vehicle measures over 7in (19cm) high, 18in (47cm) long and 7in (20cm) wide
  • $24.37

    LEGO Technic First Responder


    Enjoy a rewarding build and play experience with the LEGO Technic 42075 First Responder fire truck toy. This awesome replica of a fire department SUV, features a red and black color scheme with sticker detailing, wide black rims with chunky tires, blue warning beacons, and roof-mounted spot lamps. This highly detailed 2-in-1 advanced building set also features a range of functions, including working steering and suspension, working winch and a raisable light tower, plus a driver’s cab with opening doors and a storage compartment with a selection of tool accessories.

  • $109.00

    LEGO Technic Ocean Explorer

    • Features a ship with a bulbous bow, large captain’s bridge with radar and funnel detailing, landing pad and a working crane, plus a buildable submarine and helicopter.
    • Check out the ship’s authentic dark-blue, red and white color scheme.
    • Submarine features a bubble cockpit, movable arms, spinning propeller and a yellow and black color scheme.
    • Helicopter features a bubble cockpit, spinning rotors and an orange, gray and white color scheme.
    • Practice takeoffs and landings from the ship’s landing pad.
    • Use the submarine’s movable arms to carry out underwater investigations.
    • Turn the ship’s steering to adjust the rudders.
    • Open the deck hatch to access the ship’s hull.
    • A uniquely decorated LEGO® Technic 40th Anniversary brick is included with this model.
    • This LEGO® Technic model is designed to provide an immersive and rewarding building experience.
    • This set includes over 1,300 pieces and offers an age-appropriate building experience for ages 10-16.
    • 2-in-1 set: rebuilds into a Push Boat and Barge.
    • Ship with crane boom extended to the side measures over 7” (20cm) high, 22” (56cm) long and 9” (23cm) wide, and over 7” (19cm) high and 4” (12cm) wide with crane boom retracted.
    • Submarine measures over 2” (7cm) high, 5” (15cm) long and 2” (6cm) wide.
    • Helicopter measures over 2” (6cm) high, 5” (14cm) long and 4” (11cm) wide.
    • Push Boat measures over 6” (16cm) high, 9” (24cm) long and 5” (13cm) wide.
    • Barge measures over 3” (8cm) high, 15” (39cm) long and 5” (13cm) wide.
  • $22.16

    LEGO Technic Racing Yacht


    Enter the world of water sports with this amazing LEGO Technic 42074 Racing Yacht, featuring a sporty yellow and blue color scheme with maritime racing stickers, colorfully printed sails with lines and winches, and a detailed hull. Turn the ship’s wheel or move the tiller to operate the rudder and wind the winches to move the sails. This sturdy 2-in-1 advanced building set can be rebuilt to create a highly detailed Catamaran.

  • $89.67

    LEGO Technic Rally Car


    Discover awesome detail and design with this amazing 2-in-1 LEGO Technic 42077 Rally Car model, featuring sporty blue, white, red and black bodywork with racing stickers, large rear spoiler, 4 spot lamps and 6-spoke red rims with low-profile tires. This advanced builder set also features a detailed cockpit with racing seats and roll cage, 2-fan engine cooling system, opening hood and rear hatch, and a V6 engine with moving pistons. Rebuild the Rally Car to create a Buggy for a double build and play experience.

  • $16.89

    LEGO Technic WHACK Car


    Build a fast car with a powerful pull-back motor, sturdy front bumper, large rear spoiler, wide black rims with low profile tires and an engine that pops out on impact!
    Combine this stunt car toy with the LEGO Technic 42073 BASH! to create an awesome WHACK! ‘N’ BASH! combi crash car model with two pop out engines
    Measures over 2” (6cm) high, 6” (17cm) long and 3” (9cm) wide;Combi model measures over 3” (9cm) high, 7” (20cm) long and 3” (10cm) wide
    135 pieces – For boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 14
    LEGO Technic building sets are compatible with all LEGO construction sets for creative building